F1 Hauler Redesign

I was 5 when set 6486 F1 Hauler came out and it was pretty pricey even for the early 90s. But it was packed with features, and I remember staring at in the catalogue or the poster in my bedroom, trying to get my head round how it all worked.

I considered buying a used set off eBay but didn’t want to take a gamble on something I knew I’d be rebuilding anyway, so I set about parting it out and just buying what I needed. The most expensive items were the electrical components – luckily I already had a micromotor but the top and bottom plates were difficult to track down in decent condition for a sane price. There’s also a rare 15l wire, which I replaced with a 20l one, a polarity switch for about £5, various contact plates, the battery box itself and the light unit.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Progress was pretty quick to be honest. You can see the battery box in place, my reworked truck chassis based on the 4565 redesign, and the beginnings of the winch system. The micromotor I had is from the 6483 Coastal Patrol boat – it’s pushing 26 years old now and whines a bit but still works!

About halfway through the build

I’d also like to have a crack at redesigning the F1 car – I was missing the classic black chassis piece so had to POOP it which worked but I’m not totally convinced. That’s another story though, for now I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit behind the scenes of my remake of this little piece of LEGO history. More photos below.

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