4564 Updated Mail Wagon

A couple of years ago when I first started the layout, I rebuilt the 4564 set from my childhood, which was (and still is) one my favourite sets of all time. After working on the 60197 redesign I thought it would be cool to have a go at updating a classic train as well. I’m planning to release instructions for each of the wagons individually, but I’ve never been totally happy with some parts of the engine so that might take a bit longer.

It’s interesting turning models I built so long ago into instructions, and the digital version has lots of small improvements over the real thing. It still uses the original sliding doors with post office stickers from the 4564 set, plus the stickered yellow parcel bricks. The original style magnet couplings are not available in Stud.io, and it also treats the entire wheel assembly as one part. Another odd missing piece was theĀ 13783 Coiled Rope, so there’s a whip there instead.

Because of the way Part Designer works, each of the doors ends up being listed separately in the instructions. There is no difference between the parts themselves. They are kinda pricey though, which is a shame because there is a lack of neat sliding door solutions in the Lego system.

Anyway, as always if you build one let me know! Instructions are below or over on my Rebrickable. Enjoy!