DJ Booth

The third and largest MOC in my series of music equipment is this little DJ booth. It’s still fairly lightweight at 110 pieces but there’s a lot crammed in. It features two decks, a bunch of records and sleeves, water and energy drinks for the DJ, a pair of monitors, mixer and various other bits and pieces.

A couple of the records I had to manually create using Part Designer as the prints weren’t available in default library. They’re not perfect but you can grab them here if you need them. I’ll add any other custom parts I use in the future to this directory as well.

There’s a couple of expensive parts in here. The 2×10 dark red plates can be pretty rare to find new, and the old printed Lego 2×2 tile can definitely be swapped out for something a bit more reasonably priced. I used a different tile in the real model I built – VIDIYO ones would look pretty good.

You can grab the full PDF for this model, or view the steps inline below.