Pickup Truck

Some time last year (or the year before, who knows, time is meaningless these days) I built an updated version of the classic 6661 TV Truck from 1989. It was based on the same chassis design I used for a bunch of trucks around the same time, and its been living in my town happily ever since.

I got bored the other day and decided to revisit it, which inevitably ended up with me rebuilding the whole thing. At one point I just had the box on the back removed and thought it looked pretty cool, so I built a second model to pretty much the exact same spec, just using slightly different wheel arches which brought the whole thing down by one plate.

Anyway, the result is this cute slightly-slammed flatbed version. I really like this and it’s reminded me how much I love building vehicles.

I apologise in advance for the poor layout of the parts list.  I really love making instructions for my models but the Instructions Maker in Stud.io needs burning with fire. I’m trying to move away from it for future projects but the process of exporting as a PDF and then re-importing into a proper design program is tedious — bear with me on that one. No doubt there will be a ranty blog post soon about it.

For now though, enjoy!